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Transform Your Life

Finding Safety in Your Nervous System 12 week LIVE
Group Healing Program

Starts January 9th

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm ET

This is a highly supportive program
Group is capped at 20 for individualized support

Transform your Life is a 12 -week online LIVE small group program of embodied nervous system healing and health. 

The work we’ll do together is all about rewiring your nervous system to change your experience and transform your life at the root level.

Why I created this program

I believe in the importance of this work both at an individual level as well as collectively. Mind-body intelligence and healing at the nervous system level can transform the world. In my journey with healing trauma, the experience of group healing and connecting with like-minded people immediately got me out of isolation and provided me with co-regulation, accountability, and peer support that helped me begin stepping into secure attachments. 

This program includes:

12 therapeutic coaching and training sessions of 2 hours
10 training and teaching modules
More than 24x hours of teaching
More than 250 pages of teaching material
More than 40 somatic and polyvagal exercises 
Guided audio Polyvagal and Somatic neurosensory practices 
Recorded Zoom Sessions
84 days to co-regulate with online community support
Option to book 1:1 sessions at a discounted price during program

Exploring the Inner Landscape of the Body 

Practical audio Neurosensory Polyvagal and Somatic Guided lessons designed to spark up the power of your nervous system.

1.The Power of Orienting; Exploratory and Defensive Orienting
2. An Integrated System; Anchoring in your Regulated States, Embodiment and Resilience
3. Tracking Body Sensations; Growing Capacity 
4. Containment and The Self-Hold
5. Coherent Breath; Cultivating Space and Flow
6. Connecting with Your Gut Intuition: The Vagus Nerve
7. Pendulation: Contraction Expansion
8. Working with the Joints and Diaphragms; Creating Space
9. Resourcing Secure Attachments; Installing a Competent Protector
10. Releasing Suppressed Emotions; Running Flight: Resourcing with Imagination
11. Fight Response: Directing Healthy Aggression
12. Working with the Joints and Diaphragms; Creating Space
13. Healthy Aggression and Boundaries; Working with the Power of the Nervous System
14. Releasing Suppressed Emotions; Running Flight: Resourcing with Imagination
White Sands

Benefits of group healing

Gets you out of isolation
Provide a sounding board
Healing attachment wounds
Shared experience in group
Peer support
Promotes social skills
Develop self-awareness by listening to others
Stepping into secure attachment

What is the importance of Nervous System Regulation?

Nervous System Regulation will help you heal yourself from the effects of past trauma (aka stress) and transform your life by creating Mind-Body Intelligence. You will  feel connected to your body, to yourself, to your your truth which in turn will connect you with others and the world around you!


This program is for you if

  • Have emotional symptoms, such as depression, anxiety and stress
  • Are feeling fatigued or confused and want natural stress relief
  • Have difficulty forming long-lasting and healthy relationships
  • Feel trapped in habits, emotions and patterns of the past
  • Have blocks and resistance that paralyze you from doing what you want in life 
  • Want to heal unresolved trauma and rewire your nervous system
  • Want a better quality of life and an overall sense of wellbeing

Our work together

We’ll be working with nervous system regulation and psychoeducation to deepen your understanding of your  physiology, so you can take your healing into your own hands.

I will teach you how to embody and cultivate a deep-felt sense of resilience and empowerment so that you can experience more freedom, joy and goodness in your life.

I will teach you how to break free from overwhelm, stress, anxiety, depression and emotional trauma to create lasting change
You will learn somatic and polivagal tools to better manage the effects of stress and sensory awareness in your body and in your life

(no medications or meditations required!)

My work is based on a holistic trauma-centered approach that offers deep healing outcomes without the pain of traditional approaches, that integrates: psychoeducation, neuroscience, embodiment, Somatic Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Attachment Theory, Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatment and Polyvagal Theory as the foundation of my work.

What will I teach you?

How to rewire your nervous system to change your experience and transform your life.  I will provide you with blueprint to help you heal from past trauma, heal your relatioships from a somatic and Polyvagal lens. You will acquire somatic and Polyvagal tools and practices that are not only necessary to heal, but will also change your life.


How will you transform your life?

You will experience nervous system flexibility and resilience through polyvagal informed education. You will develop emotional intelligence and learn how to express emotions and frustrations in healthy ways. You will experience more elevated energy levels, more regulated gut health, better sleep and immediate stress relief.


At the end of the program you will be able to 

REWIRE your brain and nervous system by turning automatic reactions into mindful anchors
HEAL emotional, developmental, psychological and physical  trauma, thoughts, beliefs, and body sensations
BE MORE resilient, accepting of yourself and your emotions
CULTIVATE building capacity,  resilience and self-empowerment
EXPERIENCE THE ALIVENESS and discover the life that's been waiting for you
EXPERIENCE  more elevated energy levels, more regulated gut health, and stress relief
RECLAIM AND EMBODY your dignity and fully occupy your body​ 
BE ABLE TO work your stress physiology, regulate your emotions and resolve overwhelm

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE program has the potential to bring profound healing and change to your life, and I’ll be with you every step of the way

EARLY BIRD Pricing Plans

Single payment

$3,000 USD

Two payments of

$1,500 USD
$2,500 USD
*Once you have made your payyment there are no refunds and you are agreeing to pay the full amount of the course


WhatsApp Image 2022-12-17 at 14.59.24.jpeg

Before working with Mon, most days I felt overwhelmed with anxiety, dread and fear for the future. I felt paralyzed but also full of energy, so the result was that I was literally stuck. I am still healing and know that it is a lifelong practice of embodiment, but I experienced significant relief from the unrelenting fear within a few weeks and it continues to go deeper and deeper. The rewards have so outweighed the effort I put in, that I feel empowered to keep doing the work. Mon is a healer in every sense of the word, and creates safety in the truest way.

- Tiffany M

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