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Transform your life!

Learn how with NERVOUS SYSTEM expert and Trauma Informed Psychotherapist MA Monica Vogt

About me

I'm Monica Vogt, Psychologist and Psychotherapist certified in Trauma and Coaching. I entered to the psychology field out for a need to understand and heal my personal history of trauma, coupled with a deep longing to make this world a better place. My life's mission is to teach and guide other people to heal from the root and live their life fully. For that reason, I love that you are here!

Transform your life!

Somatic therapeutic coaching trauma informed
- Spanish group program -
Transform your Life! It is a 4-month online group program that will teach you to regulate your nervous system and to create awareness of why you react the way you react to life situations

You will acquire tools and practices that are not only necessary to heal, but will also change your life

4 months online

6:30 - 8:30 pm CT
Limited availability
Includes materials

Why I created this program

I believe in the importance of this work both at an individual level as well as collectively. Mind-body intelligence and healing at the nervous system level can transform the world. In my journey with healing trauma, the experience of group healing and connecting with like-minded people immediately got me out of isolation and provided me with co-regulation, accountability, and peer support that helped me begin stepping into secure attachments. 

Benefits of group healing

Gets you out of isolation
Provide a sounding board
Healing attachment wounds 
Shared experience in group 
Peer support
Promotes social skills
Develop self-awareness by listening to others
Stepping into secure attachment

This program includes:

Image by Jazmin Quaynor
16 therapeutic coaching sessions of 2.5 hours
8 training and teaching modules
8 sessions of integration, practices and somatic exercises
More than 30 hours of teaching
More than 200 pages of teaching material
More than 30 neurosensory exercises and practices
112 days to co-regulate with online community support
Recorded Zoom Sessions
1-hour private sessions available during the course with a 50% discount

How it will work

Conscious Healing Roadmap´s modules and curriculum (in Spanish) is released over 8 weeks. It  focuses on  healing emotional, developmental and physical trauma through restoring nervous system regulation.


The Awakening of Consciousness​
Emotional Regulation 
Trauma Responses & your Nervous System
Your Attachment style & Relationships
Inner Child & Parts Work
Embodied Somatic Boundaries 
Discover & Embody your Life Purpose
Co-creation and Manifestation



I had been in therapy for many years, including studying and I couldn't get out of the same dynamics. I couldn't find a way to break free from old patterns. With Monica´s support and guidance, I have had important changes in my life. I have learned to recognize and know my emotions, feelings, and sensations as well as regulate my nervous system to get out of stuckness. Monica is a person with deep knowledge and very professional. In addition to having an empathy that has undoubtedly been of great support for me to be able to live through difficult times. It has been incredible to realize and experience that there are other ways that we can learn, and that it is possible to live in tranquility, in a state of more calm. If I summarize it, my life and my daughters took a radical change, it has been a new opportunity to live and life. What I liked the most was finding my life purpose!!

- Mariana Pani

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