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Nervous System Somatic & Polyvagal Foundations

Based on cutting-edge neuroscience

Three hours LIVE on

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This workshop is built  around the core understanding that our physiological states drive our behavior
(rather than conscious intention). By developing self-awareness around our own nervous system states and learning to shift into states that promote social engagement, we can create an 'upward spiral' resulting in feeling healthier, resilient and an in control of your emotional wellbeing.

We work at this level because it TOUCHES so much!

“Awareness also means learning what the signs of stress are in our own bodies. How our bodies telegraph us when our minds have missed the cues.

In both human and animal studies it has been observed that the physiological stress response is a more accurate gauge of the organism’s real experience than conscious awareness of observed behavior.”

- Gabor Maté quoting Hans Selye

Why work and learn at this level?


The workshop is taught by  Psychotherapist, Somatic and Polyvagal  Nervous System Health Coach, Monica Vogt. She has a special interest in Nervous System Health, Stress physiology and healing Trauma, to help her clients reduce chronic conditions like chronic stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and early developmental and relational trauma. Her holistic approach integrates some of the trauma field's most effective science based therapeutic modalities and techniques and brings her own experience of healing complex trauma to her work.

This Workshop is for you:

If you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety, fear, emotional overwhelm

  • Depression, feeling stuck

  • Lack motivation, difficulty focusing, fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Digestive issues

  • Have experienced trauma or adversity

  • Stress or chronic stress

  • Have difficulty forming healthy relationships

This Workshop includes:

  • 3 hour interactive and informative workshop

  • Practical therapeutic, somatic and polyvagal neural exercises.

  • A recording of the Workshop for you to revisit again (you can choose to have access for 30 days or lifetime). If you are unable to attend live, the recording link will be automatically emailed to you

  • There will be a Q and A time at the end of the Workshop where any questions you might have can be answered.

Learn to heal by honoring the role of your nervous system without feeling tense, awkward, or stuck.


Learning outcomes:

Understand your nervous system, your stress physiology, regulate your emotions, resolve overwhelm, and process the world around you.
Reduce stress and anxiety by cultivating a sense of “home” in your nervous system and safety in your body.
Design a personal plan so you can self regulate or co-regulate to find your way back to grounded inner peace, even in challenging situations.

This is a life-transforming, informative and interactive experience that provides a valuable blueprint for building resilience and finding safety during the many ups and downs of life.

Transform Your Reactions to Life’s Challenges and Stressors


Earlybird pricing
Live class + Lifetime Video Recording

$297 USD
$149 USD

*Valid until Jan 1sr

Reclaim Feelings of Safety, Trust, and a sense of Goodness and Wellbeing

*Once payment is made there are no refunds



I had been in therapy for many years, including studying and I couldn't get out of the same dynamics. I couldn't find a way to break free from old patterns. With Monica´s support and guidance, I have had important changes in my life. I have learned to recognize and know my emotions, feelings, and sensations as well as regulate my nervous system to get out of stuckness. Monica is a person with deep knowledge and very professional. In addition to having an empathy that has undoubtedly been of great support for me to be able to live through difficult times. It has been incredible to realize and experience that there are other ways that we can learn, and that it is possible to live in tranquility, in a state of more calm. If I summarize it, my life and my daughters took a radical change, it has been a new opportunity to live and life. What I liked the most was finding my life purpose!!

- Mariana Pani



I love the embodied approach to healing, I love that Mon teaches you to connect to your inner wisdom and as the Ultimate Guide to healing and living your best life. I can take what we work on in sessions into my everyday life and feel much more grounded, resilient, connected, and clear. I have enjoyed every part of the process and have felt from the beginning that I have someone in my corner rooting for me and cheering me on in this journey. 

- Patricia Kuri

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