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My Approach

I teach you how to cultivate a deep-felt sense of resilience and empowerment so that you can experience more freedom and joy in your life. 

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My Therapuetic Style

My therapeutic coaching style is warm, direct, and research-based. I am a trauma-informed psychotherapist and coach which means that it will be helpful to understand any adverse and traumatic events in your life history and life context in order to make sense of current symptoms. This also means that I highly value you having a sense of agency and choice about your process and our therapeutic coaching relationship.
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My Space

I work to create safe spaces for people to show up in their full authentic expression in all their richness and complexities. All emotions and the way that it is expressed are encouraged and welcomed.

My Trauma Informed approach integrates

Somatic Transpersonal Jungian Psychotherapy

Sensorymotor Psychotherapy

Internal Family Systems

Inner Child Work

Attachment Theory

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy  

Compassion Focused Therapy


Polyvagal Theory

In Therapeutic Coaching you will



your brain and nervous system by turning automatic reactions into mindful anchors



about patterns of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and body sensations



emotional, developmental, psychological and physical  trauma, thoughts, beliefs, and body sensations



resilient, accepting  of yourself and your emotions 



for what you want and say no to what you don't in relationships

Through cultivating deliberate mindful attention and acceptance, we move towards building capacity,  resiliency and self-empowerment


Deepen your understanding of nervous system physiology so you can take your healing into your own hands 

Somatic Practices 

Learn somatic tools to better manage the effects of stress and sensory awareness in your body and in your life

Mindful Awareness

Practice mindful cognitive and somatic awareness to be more mindful of triggers and patterns


Cultivate a deep-felt sense of nervous system  resilience and empowerment

Relationship Skills

Learn to create healthy connected and secure relationships 

Neurosensory Exercises

Reset and  rewire your nervous system by discovering the body-mind connection

Break free from all that is holding you back by acquiring  a a roadmap to transform your life!

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