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The Journey Towards healing your trauma begins with learning  nervous system regulation! Begin Your Journey Today.

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Why I created this Roadmap

I believe in the importance of this work both at an individual level as well as collectively. Mind-body intelligence and healing at the nervous system level can transform your life and the world. In my journey with healing trauma, the experience of individual therapeutic coaching provided me with a personalized program tailored to my specific needs where I found a stronger therapeutic alliance and followed my own pace as I had individualized attention that made me feel very comfortable about opening up. 

Benefits of one-on-one healing

Increased individual self-awareness, self-exploration, and regulation

Provides a personalized roadmap for your unique specific needs

The level of analysis and treatment can be much more intense and comprehensive

Individualized care and attention approach focusing on the client as a whole

The pace of the therapy can be tailored 

Stronger therapeutic alliance

Helps heal attachment wounds and assists in coming into secure attachment


Heal at your own pace.

Let's get where you want to be!

Individual Programs


Single Session

Individual Coaching

This single session will give you a sense of our work, help you identify what it is you need to work on and get a jump start on transforming your life.

What’s included:

  • 1 Hr session (virtual)

$220 USD


Image by Lisha Riabinina

Conscious Living Signature Roadmap
24-week Therapeutic Somatic Coaching

Are you ready for your tailored-made healing program?

This is an in-depth one on one intensive therapy/coaching course tailored to your needs with practical tools and actionable steps to help you get unstuck and start living the life you want. ​We will work through a unique and personalized roadmap to focus on your specific healing needs and outcomes.  We will examine and help guide you to heal your past traumas (aka traumatic stress) at the root cause: your nervous system.  We will discover your attachment style, work with parts, inner child work, boundaries, thought work and unblocking your Purpose to live full and creative lives.

What’s included:

  • One-on-One

  • 24-weekly therapeutic somatic coaching sessions 

  • 12 modules

  • 90 min duration

  • Mid-week check-in

  • Recordings of session

  • WhatsApp support

  • Practical tools links and pdfs

  • A highly supportive tailor-made program​

One full payment of $7,900 USD

Three monthly consecutive payments of $ 2,800 USD

Upon Appointment 

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