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Heal your trauma & change your life in a contained group support setting with likeminded people. 

We are all in this together. 


Next group begins August 26, 2021

Why I created this program

I believe in the importance of this work both at an individual level as well as collectively. Mind-body intelligence and healing at the nervous system level can transform the world. In my journey with healing trauma, the experience of group healing and connecting with like-minded people immediately got me out of isolation and provided me with co-regulation, accountability, and peer support that helped me begin stepping into secure attachments.  

Benefits of group healing

Gets you out of isolation
Provide a sounding board
Healing attachment wounds 
Shared experience in group 
Peer support
Promotes social skills
Develop self-awareness by listening to others
Stepping into secure attachment

What you get when you join

Pareja romantica

16 Therapeutic Coaching sessions

8 Training & Teaching Modules 

Over 30 hours of teaching 

Over 200 pages of  teaching material

30+ Neurosensory Exercises and practices

112  days to Co-regulate with online community support  

Group roadmap to ensure you get the support your need

Private facebook group community

Recorded Zoom sessions

Private sessions 1 hour sessions available during course at 50% discounted rate (with full payment)

How it will work

Conscious Healing Roadmap´s modules and curriculum (in Spanish)  is released over 8 weeks. It  focuses on  healing emotional, developmental and physical trauma through restoring nervous system regulation.



The Awakening of Consciousness

Emotional Regulation 

Trauma Responses & your Nervous System

Your Attachment style & Relationships

Inner Child & Parts Work

Embodied Somatic Boundaries 

Discover & Embody your Life Purpose

Co-creation and Manifestation

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