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Heal your Nervous System 
Heal your Past

Transform your Life
Mind- Body Connection

Monica Vogt

Hi I'm Monica

Somatic Therapeutic Coach & Trauma-Informed Embodied Psychoeducator 

I became a Therapeutic Coach and Trauma-Informed Embodied Psychoeducator to help people like you dissolve the hidden emotional trauma keeping them stuck and finally begin to thrive in life. ​

My practice at Psychotherapy and Coaching by Monica Vogt is focused on applying cutting-edge neuroscience as I teach you how to build somatic capacity to have a more resilient, stronger and healthier nervous system  to  heal emotional and psychological trauma as well as discovering and embodying your life´s purpose for improved relationships, lifestyle, and business. 

Helping others return to wholeness, wellbeing and goodness is my passion.


The Essentials

What is Trauma?

“Trauma is what happens inside of you as a result of traumatic events. It is a loss of connection to oneself and to the present moment”-Dr. Gabor Mate

The core of emotional trauma is disconnection, not feeling seen, heard, known, or recognized. Emotional trauma creates an inflexible and dysregulated nervous system.


What is the importance of Nervous System Regulation?

Nervous System HEALTH will help you heal yourself from the effects of past trauma and transform your life by creating Mind-Body Intelligence allowing for a more conscious connection to your body, your truth and with others, while creating consistent safe experiences.


What will I teach you?

I teach you how to live a more empowered life by healing at the root level: the nervous system. I will provide you with a Healing Roadmap to help you heal from past trauma, improve emotional regulation through a nervous system education and practices to build nervous system capacity for wellness in your Life. 

Vacaciones en la playa

How will you transform
your life?

You will experience nervous system flexibility and resilience through Polyvagal  education. You will develop nervous system capacity and learn how to express sensations, emotions and frustrations in healthy ways. You will experience more elevated energy levels, more regulated gut health, better sleep and immediate stress relief.

Symptoms of a Dysregulated Nervous System


Feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or even completely exhausted. Irrational fears, resistance, and procrastination.

Executive functions not on board

Trouble focusing, brain fog, or having a mind that runs a million miles a minute.

Difficulty setting clear boundaries and getting needs met, and/or staying in toxic relationships or difficulty forming lasting healthy relationships.



 Feeling numbed out, dissociated,

dis-embodied, and not connected to the present moment.

 Mental roadblocks are fears and resistance that paralyze you from doing what you know you are meant to do.

Low confidence or self-worth that get in the way of being authentic, courageous and moving forward in life. Symptoms like depression, anxiety and stress…

Emotional Roadblocks

Mental Roadblocks

Discover what is holding you back
Transform old 
Start living your best life  


Get excited about your life again

Have you felt stuck, hopeless or broken? Do you feel like something is missing? Are you looking for something to really address the source of your problems, anxiety, sadness, and stress? We will identify the root causes of your trauma and equip you with nervous system regulating tools to create a nervous system reset


Break free from trauma

Have you tiredly tried to look for answers? Could unresolved emotional trauma be blocking you from discovering, living, or thriving in your life's purpose? Discover your life's purpose and step into transforming and living a conscious and meaningful life


Embody your authentic Self

Let yourself be supported and embody your truth and your dignified Self applying somatic practices and Nervous System regulation to live your life's purpose from starting today!



I had been in therapy for many years, including studying and I couldn't get out of the same dynamics. I couldn't find a way to break free from old patterns. With Monica´s support and guidance, I have had important changes in my life. I have learned to recognize and know my emotions, feelings, and sensations as well as regulate my nervous system to get out of stuckness. Monica is a person with deep knowledge and very professional. In addition to having an empathy that has undoubtedly been of great support for me to be able to live through difficult times. It has been incredible to realize and experience that there are other ways that we can learn, and that it is possible to live in tranquility, in a state of more calm. If I summarize it, my life and my daughters took a radical change, it has been a new opportunity to live and life. What I liked the most was finding my life purpose!!

- Mariana Pani

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